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Lease End Questions

If you have any questions about your lease return, you are in the right place. We have put together a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions to assist you with your vehicle leasing transaction.

If you can't find the information that you need here, you can always contact us at (866) 876-0593.  For Chevrolet/GM - Nick Hill or Jowel Ahmed at exts 470/435; For Jaguar - Steve Bamburak ext 542; For Subaru - Chris Shumard ext 681; For Lincoln - Anthony McGeehan ext 231; For Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep - Justin Zambelli or Lou DeGeorge at exts 455/416; For Fiat - Riccardo Salvia at ext 730.
Come see us before your Lease Expires. We can assist you in preparing for your next vehicle.

Some helpful hints for preparing your vehicle for Turn-in.
  • Top off all fluids
  • Make sure the vehicle is in good, clean condition
  • Check to ensure all original accessory equipment is still with the vehicle
  • Check to ensure all personal items have been removed from the vehicle. Remember to check the CD player and all storage areas
  • Make sure you have your vehicle registration form and all sets of keys and key fobs
  • Bring in the Warranty Books, Owners and Maintenance Manuals.

Lease-end options
At the end of your lease, you have some alternatives
  1. Turn It In- Return your vehicle, pay any fees and charges and lease or purchase a new vehicle.
  2. Keep It? Purchase your vehicle at the predetermined "Purchase Option Price".
  3. Buyout and Sell- Buy your vehicle at the predetermined "Purchase Option Price" and stated on your lease agreement and sell it.

When you drop off your vehicle, you will:
-Sign an odometer disclosure statement.
-Pay any remaining payments or applicable amounts due on the vehicle.

Vehicle Inspection

Before your lease expires, contact Reedman-Toll to set up a complimentary vehicle inspection. This inspection may help you avoid a wear-and-use charge for items that may be covered by your insurance policy (such as a damaged windshield). And it will help you decide what to do with your leased vehicle.
To ensure the process runs smoothly and fairly, your leasing company employs a third party inspection company, whose inspectors receive continuous training, and are up-to-date on the Lessors standards and procedures. All inspectors are certified and display proper identification.
This inspection takes approximately 30 minutes, and can be done at your home, or your place of business. It will be performed using a laptop computer, and the results will be printed immediately after the inspection. The inspector will review the report with you and address your questions. You will be given a copy of the condition report. A second copy will be left in your vehicle, and should remain in the vehicle until the time of return.
Should your vehicle's condition change prior to its return due to repairs or additional damage, another inspection will be necessary. To schedule your re-inspection, please call your leasing company.

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